Our service

“We offer a comprehensive design, approvals, fabrication and build service.  Customers come first, and come back again…”

Sylvan Stuart Limited hardly advertises, and most of our business comes from recommendation and previous customers.  That maybe doesn’t say much for our ambitions for world domination, but it does say a lot about our service!   We enjoy our work, and get to know many of our customers well.

There is no substitute for experience, and we have lots of that.  Our archives are comprehensive, and our past projects cover a wide range of timber constructions supplied throughout the UK.  We can usually provide well founded solutions to needs based on a depth and breadth of knowledge.

We don’t have a lot of staff, but that guarantees a personal service, and no buck passing.  We do have a wide range of trade and professional contacts which means that if we don’t consider we have the requisite skills in-house then we usually know where to find them, quickly, and effectively.


Our manufacturing facilities are extensive and our design and production staff experienced.  This allows us to carry out off-site fabrication and assembly to the optimum extent and to store components so as to optimise site delivery schedules to help ensure efficient on-site operations.

Our erection operatives are also very experienced, and know how to get on with the job, safely, efficiently and expeditiously.  Our procedure is normally to have a working foreman who is trusted to closely scrutinise the work as it is carried out, backed up by regular site inspections as necessary.

Although we have worked with a number of substantial construction companies, we avoid being a sub-contractor.  We do, however, regularly employ sub-contractors, and have good and long established relationships with businesses like ourselves throughout Scotland and the UK.

We like to keep procedures as informal as possible, although clear contract structure and project record keeping are essential.  We do take pleasure in creative working, and producing structures that serve their designers, owners and occupants, well, and which add to the grace of daily living.


Our drawing office handles planning and building regulation approvals throughout the UK, but mainly in Scotland.  Our service is comprehensive, either to apply on your behalf, or provide all the back-up you or your agent need to do this directly, which may be particularly useful for planning.


We pioneered CNC precision timber engineering techniques a generation ago.  Stringent quality control is applied, which combined with short lines of communication and precise specifying helps ensure realisation of the concept.   Good design in timber needs good engineering knowledge.

Build Service

If we only supply a kit, you are assured of comprehensive support and avoidance of jargon.  We can also erect it for you, either to completion, or to “wind and watertight” or externally  fully finished shell.  Self-builders are often best placed to manage the build themselves, but we can provide a full “turnkey” service if required.  We have developed a particular expertise in supporting self-builders, not just on technical issues, but with contract administration and sequencing.  Self-builders should always ensure they have appropriate insurance cover.

Mortgages and Finance

Model D Homes have high levels of insulation and airtightness, with durable external finishes requiring little maintenance.   That means running costs for heating and upkeep are minimal, making them more affordable.   This performance is achieved using long established timber-frame construction methods with pre-insulated (sips) panels, and a “wrap-around” microporous membrane to provide airtightness to the whole external envelope of the house.  Some lenders are unwilling to lend on timber clad houses, although they are a minority (masonry claddings can be used if necessary).    Our house builds are frequently carried out under the NHBC warranty scheme which provides independent construction stage inspections and a 10-year warranty.


Sylvan Stuart Limited has a premium, A1 rating with the National House-Building Council.  The National House-Building Council (NHBC) was established to maintain and enhance private house construction standards by means of independent inspection backed up by a 10-year warranty.  We frequently provide this service which can be of great assistance in obtaining a mortgage.


For further information click on the logo above to visit the National House-Building Council.

Model D Homes