A simple one-and-a-half story layout with two bedrooms, bathroom, shower room utility and an external covered terrace. This house type can be both detached and part of a semi-detached/terrace arrangement with D and/or D1+2. 

Living: 3.2m x 4.9m
Kitchen/Dining: 2.8m x 4.9m
Utility: 1.7m x 2.5m
Bathroom: 1.9m x 2.5m
Bedroom 1: 3.2m x 4.2m
Bedroom 2: 2.9m x 4.2m
Shower room: 2.5m x 1.4m

 Overall Dimensions (inc Terrace): 12.1m x 7m
Total Internal Floor Area (ex. voids): 84m2

Model D Homes